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What You Should Do If Your Spouse Threatens to Divorce You

 Posted on December 27, 2022 in Divorce

Chicago divorce lawyerIt is not uncommon for spouses to get into arguments or disagree over many different issues. In some cases, a spouse may even threaten to pursue a divorce against you. The word divorce can be highly triggering to people simply because of everything that divorce represents. For most people, divorce is a significant life event, similar to a baby being born or someone passing away. Divorce is a big deal, which is why it may be shocking and upsetting to hear your spouse hang the idea of divorce over your head. 

At the outset, it must be stated that threats of divorce should be taken seriously. Accordingly, if your spouse has threatened divorce, consider consulting with an experienced divorce attorney who can inform you of your rights and help you prepare for the event of divorce and how you ought to proceed.

Considerations for When Your Spouse Threatens Divorce

If your spouse has taken the step of threatening to divorce you, try and take a deep breath. Many different things can be said in the heat of the moment that people do not mean. However, still take the threat of divorce seriously and try to evaluate your marriage and where it’s at. Threats of divorce can act as a wake-up call for some people and may mean that issues in the marriage must be addressed. These issues may include infidelity, communication problems, financial strains, substance abuse, or parenting differences. It is more probable than not that if your spouse is threatening divorce, it is not without reason. Looking within yourself and then evaluating your marriage can help you locate areas of concern that need to be addressed. 

Another consideration that can be considered if your spouse is threatening divorce is whether marriage counseling is a good option for you and your spouse. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your marriage, marriage counseling can be an excellent way for couples to evaluate their marriage with the guidance of a professional while also coming up with ways the marriage may be able to be saved. Remember that marriage counseling only works if both spouses are invested and determined to make it work. For many spouses, marriage counseling is a great resource and way to determine if the marriage and issues are fixable. 

Contact a Chicago Divorce Attorney 

Your spouse bringing up the prospect of divorce can be a horrifying thing. To ensure that you are prepared for whatever may happen, contact an experienced Rolling Meadows divorce lawyer at The Law Offices of Curtis Bennett Ross, L.L.C.. Attorney Ross will meet with you and compassionately help you understand your options moving forward. Call 312-984-1514 today for a free limited consultation.




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