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Chicago Family Lawyer Protecting the Rights of Parents and Foster Parents

Have you recently discovered that you are under investigation by representatives of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services? If so, it is understandable that you might be frightened and overwhelmed. An investigation by the DCFS can change your entire life, as well as that of your family. Depending on the circumstances, the DCFS could initiate action to take your children from your care and attempt to terminate your rights as a parent.

At The Law Offices of Curtis Bennett Ross, LLC, we are dedicated to protecting the best interests of children in every case we take on, and we treat cases involving child welfare concerns very seriously. We also work on behalf of birth parents, foster parents, and adoptive parents when their rights are threatened by allegations of abuse or neglect.

Counsel for Parents in Lincoln Park and Bucktown

When a DCFS investigation is initiated, the parents of the child in question are in for a long, difficult process. Unfortunately, an allegation or report of neglect or abuse that is substantial enough to warrant an investigation can create an unfair assumption that the parents have done something wrong. This presumption of guilt often leads to parents being treated with open hostility by DCFS investigators, lawyers, and other county and state officials. If you are under investigation, your best option is to cooperate fully with the DCFS specialists and investigators, but we can help you address the issues created by presumptions and prejudices.

Attorney Curtis Bennett Ross is ready to go to work on your behalf immediately. You should contact our firm the moment that you learn about a pending accusation or investigation. Our team will listen to you with the dignity and respect that you deserve as we listen to your side of the story. From there, we will take steps to protect your rights and to ensure that you treated properly along the way. If your child has been taken from you as a result of the investigation, we will do everything we can to help you re-establish your custodial rights.

No matter how serious the challenges you are facing may be, our team is equipped to provide the guidance you need. Mr. Ross serves as a court-appointed guardian ad litem and child's representative, which means he has received specialized training in regard to protecting the best interests of children in contested cases. He can help you determine the best course of action for dealing with a DCFS investigation while keeping your family intact.

Old Town Lawyer Helping Foster Parents

In Illinois, foster parents frequently play an important part in protecting the welfare and well-being of children. Foster parents voluntarily open their homes to neglected and abused children with no guarantees of a permanent situation. The nature of the role of foster parents places them in unimaginably difficult scenarios where they are planning for the potential adoption of the child while facilitating and support a possible reunion between the child and the child's legal parents.

At The Law Offices of Curtis Bennett Ross, LLC, we recognize that the family court system and the DCFS are often dismissive of the desires and concerns that affect foster parents. In most cases, the child's legal or biological parents are on one side, and DCFS and county officials are on the other side. This tends to leave foster parents somewhere in between both sides and mostly ignored. Our team respects, appreciates, and understands the challenging sacrifices that foster parents make every day for the children they have taken into their homes. We also offer guidance and representation to foster parents who are looking to adopt their foster child permanently. When a child's parents fail to provide a safe, loving home, we work hard to get the best possible results for that child.

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To learn more about our team and how we can help with DCFS investigations or your child's welfare in general, contact our office today. Call 312-984-1514 to schedule a limited, no-cost consultation today. We represent parents, foster parents, and biological parents in Lincoln Park, Old Town, West Loop, River North, DePaul Area, Greektown, Andersonville, Oak Park, Chicago, Cook County, and at the Daley Center Courthouse.

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