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When you are facing the possibility of a divorce, you may be assuming that the process of ending your marriage will cause a great deal of anger, contentiousness, and bitterness between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. While it is true that some cases follow such a path, your divorce does not need to turn ugly. In fact, it is quite possible for you to get divorced in an amicable manner—one that allows both you and your spouse to feel heard, valued, and respected.

At The Law Offices of Curtis Bennett Ross, LLC, our team has been helping clients in the greater Chicago area through the process of divorce since 1984. We understand that the tone set during your divorce is likely to carry over as you move forward into the next chapter of your life. Through an uncontested divorce, you have the opportunity to complete the proceedings faster and at a lower cost than a divorce that requires extensive litigation.

Understanding Uncontested Divorce in Illinois

The phrase "uncontested divorce" is usually interpreted in one of two ways. The first describes a scenario where one spouse initiates the proceedings by filing a petition for divorce, and the other spouse does not file a response for one reason or another. The spouse who refuses or declines to respond is not technically contesting the petition for divorce. However, his or her lack of participation could result in the court issuing a default judgment that largely favors the filing spouse. Generally, this is not what most people mean when they talk about an uncontested divorce.

The second interpretation is used much more often. Under this definition, the phrase refers to a divorce in which the spouses have come to an agreement regarding the important considerations of the divorce before the petition is even filed. In most cases, there are almost no issues left to resolve, and the parties are open to addressing those that remain in a civil, cooperative manner.

The terms of your uncontested divorce, as with any divorce, must resolve concerns that include:

Counsel for Uncontested Divorce Throughout Chicago and Cook County

If you and your spouse have already reached an agreement on most of the important details of your divorce, you may be tempted to save money by handling your case without a lawyer. The law in Illinois does not mandate that you hire an attorney when you are pursuing a divorce. It is not a good idea, however, to try to manage the process alone. The divorce laws in Illinois are complex, and it is far too easy to make mistakes. An error that seems insignificant at the time could cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary support payments or lost assets.

Attorney Curtis Bennett Ross is a dedicated family law attorney with more than 30 years of experience handling divorce cases in Illinois. Mr. Ross not only understands the laws that govern divorce in the state, but he also helped to write them as part of the Family Law Section Council of the Illinois State Bar Association. He also teaches other divorce lawyers for the Illinois State Bar Association. Mr. Ross and his team are equipped to assist you and your spouse in drafting a settlement that addresses all of the concerns pertaining to your divorce. We will also help you identify potential problems before they become serious issues. If all of the details have already been worked out, we will work with you in developing a formal agreement to be submitted for approval by the court.

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