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At The Law Offices of Curtis Bennett Ross, LLC, we realize that a divorce can be extremely difficult for everyone involved. Children, in particular, are often affected the most. While adults may become frustrated and overwhelmed by the divorce process, they generally have an idea of what is happening and why. Young children, by comparison, may feel especially confused and helpless because their entire world is changing around them.

In most cases, divorcing parents are attentive to the stress that their divorce is placing on their children, and they take steps to protect the children as much as possible. In higher-conflict situations, however, the bitterness between the parents may lead to one parent to say or do things that encourage the children to reject the other parent. This is known as parental alienation, and if it is happening to you, we are ready and willing to help you protect your rights.

Recognizing Parental Alienation and Visitation Interference

Parental alienation is sometimes called parental alienation syndrome (PAS), but it is not recognized by the medical or mental health communities as a defined disorder. Instead, it is largely a legal concept that describes an unhealthy dynamic between children and their parents. Parental alienation can happen in many different ways. Sometimes, it is blatant and obvious, such as when one parent talks badly about the other parent directly to the child or blames the other parent for abandoning the family while the child can hear what is being said. In other cases, alienation is more subtle. For example, a parent who consistently comes up with excuses for not allowing the other parent to exercise parenting time may be trying to alienate the other parent.

Visitation interference and parental alienation often go hand-in-hand, but Attorney Curtis Bennett Ross believes that both are completely unacceptable. With over three decades of experience in the practice of family law, Mr. Ross understands that the adversarial nature of many divorce cases will cause some degree of alienation. It is up to the parents, however, to identify the problem quickly and to take steps to keep it from getting worse. If you are going through a divorce and are starting to feel unusually distant from your children or the other parent is interfering with your parenting time, our team can help you rectify the situation.

Restricted Parenting Time in Illinois

The team at The Law Offices of Curtis Bennett Ross, LLC knows that situations may arise where spending time with a particular parent may put a child in danger. For example, if your former spouse has a problem with alcohol or drugs, your child might not be safe when left under his or her care. In such a situation, the law allows you to take action to protect your child, but you must notify the court quickly to avoid accusations of visitation interference. Once the court has been made aware of the danger, the other parent may have his or her parenting restricted. The specific restrictions or limitations will depend on the specific circumstances. The restrictions will only be lifted when the other parent can show that he or she no longer presents a danger to the child.

If you believe that your former partner is endangering your child, we can assist you in seeking parenting time restrictions. Mr. Ross will meet with you to discuss your situation and to explain your available options. Throughout the proceedings, he and his team will do everything possible to protect your child's safety and long-term best interests.

Protecting Your Rights

While serving the best interests of children is always our top priority, it is important for you to protect your rights during a divorce as well. If you have been accused of parental alienation, visitation interference, or endangering your child's well-being, Attorney Curtis Bennett Ross will work with you in building a case that safeguards your parental rights without compromising your child's best interests. As a court-approved guardian ad litem and child's representative for Cook County, Mr. Ross is trained to analyze a family's circumstances and to make recommendations designed to protect the children involved. As such, he can help you determine the best course of action going forward no matter what challenges you may be facing.

Let Us Help

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