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In the state of Illinois, an order for child support is usually issued when a couple with children gets divorced. A child support order is also likely when an unmarried couple who has children together decides to go their separate ways. Child support is generally to aid the recipient parent in meeting their child's basic needs, including food, clothing, and a safe place to live. At The Law Offices of Curtis Bennett Ross, LLC, however, we realize that there is much more to raising a child, and the costs associated with doing so can be unmanageable for a single parent. Our team is prepared to guide you in obtaining help from your child's other parent for expenses such as extracurricular activities, child care, and healthcare.

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Due to recent updates to the law in Illinois, child support obligations are now calculated while taking both parents' income into account. In calculating the paying parent's responsibility, the court uses a set of figures developed by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services to determine the "basic support amount." This number represents the money that would normally be spent on a child or children if the parents had remained together, and it is based on the combined income of both parents and the number of children to be supported. Then, the court divides the basic support amount based on each parent's percentage of contributed income. Shared parenting time situations may also be considered at this point, as well.

Before dividing the basic support amount, however, the court may elect to add other child-related costs into the amount or deal with these items separately. Such costs include:

  • Health and medical-related expenses: Healthcare costs may include premiums for purchasing health insurance for the child, as well as any expenses that are covered by the insurance plan. Either or both parents could be required to help pay for health insurance. The parents may also be ordered to assist with costs for glasses, braces, medical devices, or necessary medications. These expenses can be estimated in the support order or they may be paid as needed.
  • Child care: The costs associated with daycare or a babysitter may be considered in a child support order if the parent who has more parenting time needs child care so that he or she can work or attend school. Such payments might be included in the paying parent's child support obligation, or the court could order the parents to pay the care provider directly. Only reasonable, necessary child care expenses will be considered.
  • Extracurricular activities: It is healthy for a child to have a variety of interests, and the costs associated with pursuing extracurricular activities may be added to a child support order. These costs may include registration fees, participation expenses, and the purchase of uniforms or equipment. The court could also order the parents to each pay the school or activity organizer directly for their share of the expenses.

Attorney Curtis Bennett Ross has more than 30 years of experience in the practice of family law. He understands that in cases related to child support and child-related expenses, some parents get caught up in their emotions and lose sight of their children's best interests. Mr. Ross and his team are committed to ensuring that your children have what they need to live happy, productive lives.

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