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At The Law Offices of Curtis Bennett Ross, LLC, we believe that there is nothing more important than family. Relationships between parents, children, grandparents, siblings, cousins, and other family members can offer security that lasts a lifetime. Unfortunately, establishing a parent-child relationship is not always easy, especially when there is uncertainty about the biological link between the parent and child. Our team works work closely with both mothers and fathers facing challenges related to legal paternity and parentage.

Illinois Parentage Laws

When a married mother has a child, the law in Illinois presumes that the woman's spouse is the child's other legal parent. This presumption applies to a spouse of the opposite sex or the same sex as the mother. When a woman who is not married gives birth to a child, the situation can become much more complicated, and establishing parentage or paternity requires some additional steps. In some cases, establishing legal paternity can be as simple as completing a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity with the mother of the child. In other cases, however, an administrative or court order may be necessary.

Oak Park Attorney Helping Clients With Paternity Disputes

Under Illinois law, a man does not have any rights or responsibilities regarding a child unless legal paternity has been established. As a result, he does not have the standing to request parental responsibilities (custody) or parenting time (visitation) with the child. Until paternity is established, the man also cannot be ordered to make child support payments.

Attorney Curtis Bennett Ross understands that raising a child on your own can be incredibly difficult, and we recognize the need for child support. We work on behalf of mothers who wish to establish paternity so that they can at least obtain the financial help they need to raise their children.

At our firm, we realize that a child will usually fare best if both of his or her parents play an active role in the child's life, regardless of the relationship between the parents. With that goal in mind, we also represent fathers looking to become more involved with their children. Many unmarried fathers are treated as secondary parents or outsiders in their children's lives, but a man who is making efforts to be a good father deserves the chance to exercise his rights. We can help establish legal paternity, which gives the father the opportunity to request parenting time and parental responsibilities. Legal paternity also allows the father to have a say in adoption proceedings and intended relocations by the other parent.

Old Town Counsel for All Types of Paternity Concerns

The Law Offices of Curtis Bennett Ross, LLC has been serving the needs of clients in Cook County since 1984. Our firm is dedicated solely to the practice of family law, which means that we have seen it all. Mr. Ross is also a court-approved guardian ad litem and child's representative who has been trained to handle the most challenging child-related legal matters. With his background and extensive training, he is equipped to help you manage your paternity or parentage matter regardless of the difficulties that may arise.

We Can Help

If you are facing a paternity-related dispute, contact our office to get the help you need today. Call 312-984-1514 for a limited free consultation with Attorney Curtis Bennett Ross. We work on behalf of fathers and mothers throughout Cook County, including in Chicago, The Loop, Bucktown, Gold Coast, Wicker Park, Andersonville, Lincoln Park, Old Town, River North, Wrightwood, DePaul Area, Greektown, West Loop, and at the Richard J. Daley Center Courthouse.

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