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What to Know About a Contested Divorce in Illinois

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Chicago divorce attorneyIn a recent post on this blog, we discussed what people need to know regarding uncontested divorce in Illinois. This time, we will talk about things that are essential to know about contested divorce. Firstly, a contested divorce occurs when the divorcing parties cannot cooperate effectively, to the point where litigation may be required. Contested divorces can begin from many places. For instance, divorce proceedings may begin amicably and become contested, whereas in other cases, the divorce may have been rife with conflict from the very beginning. 

Whatever the case, contested divorces are often quite time-consuming and expensive. Unfortunately, contested divorces, by nature, are usually more emotionally burdensome than uncontested divorces since, in contested divorces, the tension between the divorcing parties may be palpable. While contested divorces can be resolved through mediation, a contested divorce will likely mean litigation in many scenarios. If you are facing a contested divorce, contact an experienced divorce attorney who can advocate for you and your best interests throughout litigation, should litigation be necessary in your case. 

What Are Some Common Issues in a Contested Divorce?

A contested divorce can involve various issues that can increase contentiousness. For example, when it is time for the division of parental responsibilities to be sorted out and determined, this can be highly contentious. It is easy during this time to become so consumed with wanting to be victorious over their spouse that they forget the most important thing when it comes to the division of parental responsibilities, which is determining the children's best interests. As a result, it is crucial to have an experienced attorney on your side advocating for you and your child's best interests and who understands the emotions involved in a divorce and how it can be easy for parents to become sidetracked by their own emotions when dealing with issues relating to their children and the divorce.

Another area of intense animosity may involve complex financial issues between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Whether you and your spouse own real estate or have complex business interests, determining who owns what and is entitled to what can lead to vicious arguments and disagreements. Combining these issues with your child-related matters can be overwhelming and may seem like your divorce will never end, or if it does, it will not be in your favor. However, this is not true. With an able divorce attorney by your side, you can rest assured that while the process will not be easy, a lawyer will significantly ease your stress, as you will know that your best interests will always be at the forefront of all decisions made. 

Contact a Rolling Meadows Divorce Attorney

A contested divorce can be one of the most challenging things anyone ever has to do. To put yourself in the best scenario for an outcome in your favor, contact an astute Chicago divorce lawyer at The Law Offices of Curtis Bennett Ross, L.L.C.. Attorney Ross will work tirelessly to ensure your rights remain protected and respected throughout your contested divorce. Call 312-984-1514 for a free, limited consultation. 




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