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Should I Consider Mediation for My Illinois Divorce?

 Posted on January 11, 2024 in Divorce

Blog ImageNo two people are the same. And therefore, no two marriages are the same and no two divorces are the same. Different arrangements work for different people. Some feel so hurt and offended by their soon-to-be ex-spouse that there is no option other than a contentious divorce in court. Others recognize that they do not make sense as a married couple but still appreciate each other and, if they have children, would like for their child to feel safe and secure in either parent’s home. 

If the second category sounds more like you and your spouse, mediation might be a good choice for you. It is generally much quicker and less expensive than the alternative. If you and your spouse are considering divorce but neither of you wants to fight it out in court, a knowledgeable Chicago, IL divorce lawyer can guide you through this decision. 

How Is Mediation Structured?

Mediation generally follows a standard format. There are two separate rooms. Each room holds one of the spouses. A neutral mediator goes back and forth between the two rooms, asking each spouse questions, getting answers from them, sharing those with the other spouse, and proposing compromises when they think they would be agreeable to both spouses. If they can agree on all the necessary aspects of a divorce settlement, their divorce petition will need to be filed through the Illinois courts. Spouses who get along well and communicate fairly can often discuss things in a room together with the mediator and their attorneys. 

Why Would Anyone Choose To Get Divorced Through Mediation?

There are several reasons why some prefer to end their marriage through mediation rather than a court case. These reasons include:

  • More privacy. Court cases are often open to the general public, and so anyone who wants to can sit in and observe as the intricate details of someone else’s life are played out. For people who prefer to keep such matters private, the structure of mediation - how it takes place in two closed rooms - can make this a very attractive option.

  • Less money. Mediation typically costs the spouses a fraction of what they would otherwise have to pay should their divorce be handled in court.

  • Less time: Courts have more rules and regulations that need to be followed, whereas mediation is conducted more like a regular conversation. That is why mediation often takes a fraction of the time that it would take to finalize a divorce in court.

  • Less animosity: In mediation, the spouses are not even supposed to confront each other face-to-face. This can be extremely helpful in a scenario where emotions are running high and can help each side focus on their priorities rather than any pain or anger they might feel if they are in the same room.

Contact a Cook County, IL Mediation Attorney

If you want to divorce your spouse but you believe you can make decisions together in a productive way, you might be able to avoid taking it to court. As a trained mediator, I have a great deal of experience guiding couples as they end their marriage, with both sides feeling content with the divorce settlement reached through unbiased mediation. Call The Law Offices of Curtis Bennett Ross, L.L.C. at 312-984-1514 to speak with a Chicago, IL mediation lawyer so we can get started.

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