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How Can Social Media Affect My Illinois Divorce?

 Posted on March 08, 2024 in Divorce

IL divorce lawyerIn 2024, the Internet is simply a fact of life. As it has spread through every facet of modern society, people without smartphones have a difficult time staying on top of updates ranging from developments at their work, changes at their child’s school, their medical appointments, and even which groceries will be on sale on any given day. Social media networks are a crucial part of many people's daily routines and are used for everything from wishing a happy birthday to beloved relatives, receiving payments, and even finding dates.

With all the advantages that increased access to social media has presented, there are also more challenges, particularly regarding individuals’ privacy. Where in the past a person might have simply needed to call in sick to work, nowadays, they need to make sure there is nothing online that might indicate to their boss that it was not illness keeping them out of the office. Like in other aspects of life, social media has been playing an increasingly influential role in divorce proceedings in recent years. If you are considering divorce and are concerned about how your social media presence might affect it, a Chicago, IL divorce lawyer can review your online posts and interactions and guide you on any modifications that might be advisable.

Can Social Media Impact My Divorce?

Often, people try to paint themselves in a certain light so they can appear more sympathetic in court. This can be especially true during a divorce. If one of the spouses is hoping to get a favorable alimony package, they may try to make it seem that their financial situation is way worse than it truly is or that their spouse is doing much better financially than they are in reality. When the couple has children, one parent might try to give the impression that they are the responsible one and their spouse cannot be trusted to offer the child a safe home environment. Years ago, someone’s sworn testimony may have been enough to sway the court’s opinion one way or the other.

Nowadays, with social media being so prevalent, access to people’s information can render testimony offered under oath almost unnecessary. Even if you have not posted anything but a friend has tagged you in a post or uploaded a photo that you are in, showing you in some way contrary to the persona you have been trying to portray in court, it could be detrimental to your case. One thing is certain: if you wish to continue using social media, you need to be careful and do your best to monitor anything that relates to you.

Speak With a Chicago, IL Divorce Lawyer

If you are about to begin divorce proceedings and you are concerned about how you have been portrayed online, a knowledgeable Cook County, IL divorce attorney can advise you on how you might want to modify your conduct on social media networks. Call The Law Offices of Curtis Bennett Ross, L.L.C. at 312-984-1514.

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